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Altek to Unveil its State-of-the-art 3D-Depth Sensing Chip at CES 2018

Altek to Unveil its State-of-the-art 3D-Depth Sensing Chip at CES 2018

Altek Corporation (3059.TW), a machine vision and AI(Artificial Intelligence) solution provider from Taiwan with advance depth algorithm and chip design technologies will unveil its latest 3D- Depth Sensing Chip AL6100 at CES 2018.

altek 3D depth chip
“Our first generation real-time depth chip AL3200 launched in 2016 has achieved a remarkable success in millions of smartphone and portable devices worldwide. We are now excited to announce the next generation AL6100 depth chip, together with active IR(infrared) light will further enhance our real-time depth quality and computing to support a wide range of applications such as smartphone, surveillance, autonomous vehicle, smart home assistant, drone, sweeping robot, etc,” said Jason Lin, Senior Vice President of Altek Corporation, adding that the 3D-Depth Sensing Chip will be for mass production shipping by the end of March.


At CES, Altek will showcase the AL6100 chip with application in smartphone, surveillance camera, and VR/AR camera. With regards to surveillance camera, deep learning technology focusing on human recognition under various environments and lighting conditions will be demonstrated. This enables the surveillance camera to act as an edge device in the network to free up bandwidth and to protect individual privacy. For VR/AR, the real-time depth information provided by AL6100 allows applications to have a more accurate perception of its surrounding environment and the posture and gesture of people in proximity.

Exhibition Date:January 9-12, 2018

Place:MP 25960, South Hall 2, Ground Level, Las Vegas Convention and World Trade Center (LVCC)

 altek at CES

About Altek Corp.

Altek Corporation(3059.TW), headquartered in Hsinchu Science Park of Taiwan, has been providing total digital imaging solution for over 20 years ranging from IC design, software/algorithm development, IP licensing, camera module and camera development and manufacturing. From the Global No. 1 DSC ODM (2008) to the first dual-camera in smartphone worldwide (2014), Altek has been striving to deliver the best imaging technologies and solutions to its global leading customers in DSC, wearable camera, smartphone, automotive and medical sectors. As a leader in digital imaging, particularly in depth computing and algorithm, Altek is committed to supporting innovative and competitive solutions to its customers for upcoming 3D-sensing and AI era.