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Ownership Structure

List of Major Shareholders
                                                                                                                                         April 14, 2020
Shareholder's Name Shareholding Percentage(%)
Tung-Hsin Investment Corp. 14,075,000 5.03
Yitsang International Co., Ltd. 13,956,100 4.99
Altek Corporation 8,000,000 2.86
Li Yongqing is entrusted with the designated trust asset account of
Li Jianxing
7,543,000 2.70
Citi (Taiwan) Commercial Bank is entrusted with the custody of
the investment account of the Norwegian Central Bank
5,539,000 1.98
Standard Chartered Bank in custody
for KGI
3,511,001 1.26
American JPMorgan Chase Bank Taipei Branch is entrusted with
the custody of the advanced Star International Fund's series of funds,
the advanced aggregate international stock index fund
investment account
3,416,823 1.22
Unique Technology Co., Ltd. 3,097,304 1.11
JPMorgan Chase Bank N.A., Taipei Branch in custody for Vanguard
Total International Stock Index Fund,
a series of Vanguard Star Funds
2,882,000 1.03
Restricted Stock Awards of Altek Custodial Account in
SinoPac Securities
2,850,000 1.02