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Trade Show|CES 2017

Trade Show|CES 2017
CES 2017

We are pleased to announce that altek Co., Ltd. will be exhibiting at the 2017 International CES. We sincerely invite you to visit our showroom, where we will display our pioneering works on digital imaging technologies, including: 

altek ISP
DSLR-like portrait on smartphone. Altek created the world’s first dual camera smartphone on hTC M8 with DSLR-like big aperture lens effect. Since then our solution is implemented in most of the dual camera phones available in market today. We will show you our next generation technology, Bokeh 2.0 + Dual-Zoom, achieving Iphone7+ quality with seamless optical zoom on android smartphone. 

World’s only Real-Time 3D depth chip. Altek’s 3D depth ISP has been integrated on Huawei’s flagship model (P9 and Honor) in early 2016. Building on this success, our leading depth-sensing chip are integrated on smart phone and future IoT devices: smart home assistant, security and collision avoidance system. 

Smart living with Deep Learning. Altek’s deep learning algorithm takes the accuracy of pedestrian and traffic sign recognition system to a new level -- 99%, significantly better than the leading company in this field. Our Deep Learning chip is capable of highly accurate real-time scene/object/face recognition for autonomous cars, drones, and security cameras. 

Real Time Stitching 360 and 3D Camera with Live Broadcasting function. With Altek in-house SoC Sunny Chip, we are able to provide various VR Camera supporting Real Time Stitching, and enable Live Broadcasting function. We are glad to show you our current product line-up, and able to customize based on your spec requirement including industrial design.


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CES 2017

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