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Altek Joint Development with Microsoft and Qualcomm on Vision AI Developer Kit


Microsoft and Qualcomm announced the Vision AI Developer Kit using Qualcomm’s Vision Intelligence platform and Microsoft’s machine learning and edge computing technologies. This is a hardware reference platform integrating the hardware and software elements for vision AI solutions for the IoT. The connected camera kit is developed and manufactured by Altek, which can execute advanced services like AI models to perform vision inferencing locally on the device.

This Vision AI Developer Kit was announced for public preview last week. This device is running Microsoft’s Azure IoT Edge and connects to the Azure Machine Learning service to connect the device to cloud services needed to develop vision AI solutions. This developer kit can be used to build vision IoT solution for smart robots, smart retails, smart homes and industrial-grade surveillance safety. Altek Semiconductor, the maker of this AI camera, has announced that this a camera sensor with 4K resolution capable of high-resolution (UHD) image quality required in mid to high-end smart AI analysis application market.


Altek is well prepared for the booming era of the Internet of Things. With the rise of artificial intelligence, Altek possesses “the eyes of the Internet of Things” that is the ability to make the system integration and the algorithmic capabilities. Therefore, Altek can become the partnership with global giant enterprises. Altek will continue to expand its business channels, providing our unique technical support such as system integrators, brand companies, and software and hardware integration service companies.