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Trade Show|CES 2019

Altek Unveils Three Main Solutions at CES 2019, Targeting New Business Opportunities in Edge Vision AI 

Focusing on “Bringing Vision AI To The Edge,” Altek Strategically Partners with Qualcomm, Microsoft, Amazon and CyberLink  

The past year has been marked by the surging development of biorecognition technology. As artificial intelligence (AI) technology matures, smart recognition technology equipped with deep learning functionality is overturning the traditional video surveillance industry. Related innovative applications extend to many areas— such as the retail, manufacturing and medical industries—creating a new blue ocean. As the edge vision AI solution provider, Altek Corp. (3059 TT), is introducing three key focusing technology at CES 2019 including Vision AI chips, AI commercial surveillance cameras, and 3D depth image sensing modules with the theme of ‘Bringing Vision AI to The Edge’. Altek is also showcasing additional commercial edge vision AI solutions that it co-developed with other leading technology providers. 
Altek continues to transform, upgrade and successfully diversify its offerings into edge vision AI, 3D depth-sensing and dual-lens camera modules technologies in recent years. 

“Being dedicated to more than 20 years in digital imaging, Altek believes that edge vision AI will unleash remarkable market demands.” Alex Hsia, Chairman of Altek Corporation said. “Recently Altek also has collaborated with global tech leaders in providing commercial/home use surveillance system with edge vision AI capability, aiming to bring the surveillance environment in retail, manufacturing, factory and home to new level of experience.” 

High Potential of edge Vision AI : Altek Collaborates with Tech Leaders in Applications
The showcased Altek vision AI chip and AI commercial surveillance cameras enabling high-resolution smart surveillance by supporting AI human/object detection, event detection and behavior recognition. All the AI process is conducting in the camera and corresponding alert will be send out according to the detection results. It has the benefit of reducing the network bandwidth for data transmission to the cloud and improve the AI detection speed. This technology can be utilized in multiple use cases, including food order in restaurant, retails and hospital registration. 

Altek is also introducing solutions that it co-developed with global tech leaders to demonstrate its commitment in commercializing edge vision AI technology. The company has co-developed with Qualcomm for a commercial AI surveillance IP camera. This camera is powered by QCS603 platform with distributed edge AI computing power to enable AI detection of humans and objects within the recognition area in the camera. It also supports Amazon KVS so that users can leverage the AWS cloud platform to access, process and store streaming video with ease for further analysis by deep learning.

Altek is also showcasing its Visions AI Developer Kit, which it co-developed with Microsoft and Qualcomm. By supporting Microsoft Azure IoT Edge and using Qualcomm AI Engine, it strengthens Azure’s deep learning service and delivers ultra-high resolution video quality, creating optimal capability for processing vision AI at the edge for various markets and applications.

3D-Sensing Combined with Edge Computing: Crafting Real-Time and Safe Biorecognition Vision System

Commercial and home solutions that leverage 3D sensing solution are another flashpoint at CES 2019. Combining Altek’s 3D-Depth processor AL6100 with infrared structured light, the solutions significantly enhance real-time depth output quality and calculation speed. 

Recently, Altek has also cooperated with CyberLink in AI face recognition. Altek's 3D-Depth processor AL6100 powered CyberLink’s FaceMe real-time face recognition to support the anti-spoofing function. It provides high accuracy in various application scenarios under all types of lighting environments. Furthermore, Altek 3D sensing solution also be used in augmented reality/virtual reality (AR/VR) or robotic application to realize popular functions such as gesture recognition, SLAM and obstacle avoidance.

Having established itself in the market of edge vision AI, Altek has integrated its software/hardware systems, chips and algorithms, and continues to collaborate with leading technology providers to leverage technological advantages and industry experiences to expand sales channels and provide omnidirectional services in the field of edge vision AI. 
Altek will provide a deeper experience at booth 25363 in South Second Hall during CES exhibition. You are welcome to come and experience. 
 Altek at CES 2019
n   Date: January 8-11, 2019 (US local time)
n   Booth: MP 25363
n   Location: South Hall 2, Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC) 

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