altek Cubic
altek Cubic

Altek Cubic : Perfect for Selfies

Altek Corporation’s “altek Cubic” is a smart mini wireless camera. Cubic defines innovative picture-taking, which uses wireless (Wi-Fi or NFC) to control the camera from your smartphone, and enables picture-taking from previously impossible angles.

Never Miss another Perfect Moment

“altek Cubic” has a built-in NFC (Near Field Communication) touch mechanism that supports NFC functions on your smart phone. With an easy touch, Cubic is automatically linked to your smart phone and Cubic Camera app. Using the most convenient and user-friendly method, Cubic lets you capture every moment with ease.

Tiny Exterior with Multiple Functions

“altek Cubic” has the full capabilities of a digital camera but its size is significantly smaller – 65 gram. It integrates optical zoom and HID intensity discharge lamp in a tiny and convenient exterior. With multiple colors to choose from (snow white, sakura pink, pale gold, and turquoise), Cubic’s exterior is the perfect combination of aesthetic and convenience.

Beauty from Afar and Near

“altek Cubic” has a professional HID intensity discharge lamp that captures day and night visions with accurate lighting. Its optical zoom also truthfully portrays every picture’s depth and detail, which allows for creative picture compositions.

Smart Control from Multiple Angles

“Cubic Camera App” challenges your expectations for photography and picture-taking. It is an exclusive software designed for altek Cubic, which provides easy-to-use user interphases on your cell phone via wireless (Wi-Fi or NFC). “Cubic Camera App” is the perfect liaison between Cubic and your smartphone to provide a smarter way of picture-taking.

Connect to the world

Share your photos instantly with the world right after taking it! The pictures you take with Cubic are directly linked to your smart phone’s album, and users can instantly view it, or edit it before sharing it online. With one click of the shutter, users can freely edit the photos and share the moment with others.

Experience Cubic’s Ultimate Functionality

altek Cubic owns up to thirteen mega pixels’ CMOS sensor, built in image processing chip and authentic optical zoom lens. Cubic’s sophisticated functions user-friendliness are way ahead of upscale smart phone’s camera functionality. With its tiny and handy exterior and easy-to-use remote control, users can achieve professional photography with altek cubic.
altek Cubic’s built-in high definition (1080p) video recording and professional xenon flash make up for typical smart phone’s lack of camera capabilities. Cubic is like a personal lighting and coloring master, that allows users to capture every desirable moment and share it instantly with the world.

Cubic / Design

Streamline feature, friendly pricing and easy to use – make cubic the ultimate gift for your friends and loved ones.

  • +
    Shutter Key
  • +
    wrist strap loop
  • +
    status indicator
  • +
    xenon flash
  • +
  • +
    optical zoom lens
  • +
    power key &
    power indicator
  • +
    zoom key
  • +
    tripod mount
  • +
    USB connector
  • +
    memory card slot

Cubic / Interior

Cubic has authentic 3X optical zoom, adjustable zoom lens, full HD video recording functions and xenon flash to make it a true digital camera.

  altek Cubic smart mini wireless camera
Image Size Picture:13 mega pixels
video:Up to Full HD
Picture Size 2 M (1600×1200)
13 M (4160×3120)
Video Size 1080/30p (1920×1080)
(Maximum video length and size: 29 minutes and 4GB)
Instant Sharing 1 (4:3 / 640x480)
Instant Sharing 2 (1:1 / 640x640)
Build in Flash working distance
(Automatic ISO)
W:Approximately 0.3-1.7m
T:Approximately 0.5-0.7m
optical sensor CMOS
focal length 30~90mm (3X)
Maximum Aperture F3.3~5.9
shutter speed 1/4 ~ 1/1600s
Maximum Picture for
13MP Pictures
Picture memory:  Approximately 4 pictures
32GB memory card:  Approximately 9,600 pictures
Memory Card Support Micro SD/SDHC
Battery Life Picture: Approximately 220 at 23°C
Video: Approximately 80 minutes at 23°C
Face Detection Yes
Touch Zoom Yes
Touch and Shoot Yes
Macro Shooting Yes
Selfie mode Yes
Brightness adjustment Yes
soft skin mode Yes
Instant Sharing Yes
Automatically Sync Pictures
from Camera to Smart Phone
Micro USB terminal Yes
Size 52.5 x 45 x 26 mm
Weight Approximately 65g (with battery)
Working Temperature 0~40 °C
Working Humidity < 90%
Compatible Operating System * Android 4.0 and above, iOS 6 and above
Accessories Camera wrist strap, storage bag, quick start guide, warranty

* Users’ smart phones must support Cubic Camera app’s operating system
* Cubic cannot be responsible for users’ unfamiliarity with smart phone

User Friendly altek Cubic APP – Simple & Easy

“Cubic Camera APP” SDK is open

Download “SDK application” and fill out the application.
Email the completed application to
After verification, we will contact you immediately.
Phone Number : 886-3-578-4567
Business Contacts :


Apple iPhone / iPad Compatibility

Apple iPhone

Model iOS version
iPhone 5s 7.0.4
iPhone 5c 7.0.4
iPhone 5 7.0.4
iPhone 4s 7.0.4
iPhone 4 7.1.2

Apple iPad

Model iOS version
iPad 2 7.0.3
iPad mini 7.0.4
iPad mini with retina 7.0.4
iPad Air 7.0.4

Android Phones Compatibility

Brand Model Android version NFC
Acer Liquid S1 4.2.2 Yes
Acer Liquid E2-V370 4.2.2 Yes
ASUS Padfone2 4.1.1 Yes
ASUS Padfone Station (A66) 4.0  
ASUS ZenFone 5(T00F) 4.3  
ASUS ZenFone 6 4.3  
HTC Butterfly 4.2.2 Yes
HTC Butterfly S 4.2.0 Yes
HTC HTC New One(HTC One) 4.3 Yes
HTC One X+ 4.1.0 Yes
HTC One Max 4.3 Yes
HTC Sensation XL 4.0.3  
HTC One SV 4.1.2 Yes
HTC One mini 4.2.0  
HTC ONE S 4.1.1  
HTC ONE S(CHT) 4.1.1  
HTC Desire P 4.0.4  
HTC Desire C 4.0.3  
HTC Incredible S 4.0.4  
HTC Sensation XE 4.0.3  
HTC Sensation (Z710e) 4.0  
HTC Desire VC T328d 4.0  
HTC J (Z321e) 4.0  
HTC Desire 816 4.4.2 Yes
HTC One M8 4.4.2 Yes
Huawei P6 4.2.2  
Huawei G700-U10 4.2.1  
Huawei Mate 4.1.0  
Huawei U8860 4.0.3  
Huawei P7 4.4.2  
Infocus IN610 4.2.2  
Infocus M320 4.2.2 Yes
Brand Model Android version NFC
LG G2 4.2.2 Yes
LG Nexus 5 4.4.0 Yes
LG G 4.1.2 Yes
LG Optimus G Pro E988 4.1.2 Yes
LG Optimus 4X HD P880 4.0 Yes
LG GPRO2 (D838) 4.4.2 Yes
Motorola XT-920 4.1.2  
Samsung S3 4.1.2 Yes
Samsung S4 4.2.2 Yes
Samsung Note II 4.1.2 Yes
Samsung N-7000 Note 4.1.2 Yes
Samsung S2 4.1.2  
Samsung Galaxy Nexus(I9250) 4.2.1 Yes
Samsung S3 mini 4.1.0 Yes
Samsung Note III(3G) 4.3 Yes
Samsung S Duo 4.0.4  
Samsung Galaxy Core Plus (SM-G350) 4.2.2 Yes
Samsung Note 8.0 4.1.2  
SONY Xperia SL LT26ii 4.1.2 Yes
SONY Xperia Z 4.2.2 Yes
SONY Xperia C 4.2.2  
SONY Arc.s 4.0.4  
SONY Z ultra 4.3 Yes
SONY Xperia V 4.1.2 Yes
SONY Xperia neo L (MT25i) 4.0  
SONY Xperia™ Z1 4.2 Yes
SONY Xperia J 4.1.2 Yes
SONY Xperia L 4.1.2 Yes
SONY Xperia M(C1905) 4.1.2 Yes
ZTE V987 4.2.1  
mi red mi (hongmi) Note (HM NOTE 1W) 4.2.2  
mi mi 3 4.2.1  
mi red mi (hongmi) 4.2.2  
Gionee E9(GioNEE E7) 4.2.2 Yes

Android Tablets Compatibility

Brand Model Android version NFC
Amazing mypad P5 4.2.2  
ASUS New Nexus 7 4.3  
ASUS Transformer TF101 4.0.3  
LG G Table 8.3 4.2.2  
Samsung Galaxy Table3 4.1.2